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Thursday, 4 March 2010

February atcs

Woops, nearly forgot to post the February atcs !.(which was the letter E) Scanned them all on Tuesday but was waiting for a certain someone to produce hers before I put them up, then I forgot all about them and having waited for someone to do her atcs very late (smack,smack ! )I then forgot to scan them ,so sorry Babs we had already posted them out before I thought about it . They were lovely ,as who ever is lucky enough to get them can say! Thanks to all who took part. This month is the letter F or Spring using green and/or yellow or, as always, anything you want to do !

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  1. There all gorgeous joan, i will let you off this time hehehehe, seeing it was me who held you up.
    Well done everybody
    Babs x


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