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Monday, 13 December 2010


There was a bit about sledges on the dictionary paper but think I have covered it up, once again I didn't read the instructions properly and so the snowflake background didn't work. Handcut the tree and I was quite pleased with it until I tried to paint the edges with white acrylic paint and the green bled into the white and made an 'orrible mess, so I had to try and wipe it off , oh joy ! what fun ..............  Just one more tag to go.despite my whittering I am enjoying making them !


  1. Who was impatient then......and couldn't wait for the green paint to
    Love your improvisations, neat tag Joan. Annette xx

  2. it looks lovely despite your problems :D
    Julie xx

  3. Tee heee, we never would have known the troubles you had unless you told us - it looks beautiful!!


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