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Monday, 24 January 2011

what next ?

Yesterday I had been looking around at what people had been doing for the Compedium of Curiosities challenge, I never have any of the stuff to do the challenges  so don't usually play,however I was feeling in an inky ,messy mood and remembered I had a full box of  memory glass squares so thought I'd have a play with them. I tried to colour them with  1. pro markers/copics  2. OHP pens  3.peel off pens !!!  then I found three adirondack pens, they worked but the colours were all wrong, next I tried painting on the alcohol inks,ruined the paint brush and made a mess, in the end I dripped on some alcohol ink blender and then the alcohol inks after that I gave up !  the good thing is everything wiped off easily so I could start again.  I quite like the angel ones but will pass on the rose . The question now is what do you do with them after you have made them ?
Can't imagine sticking them on a card unless I was wanting to do the recipient some damage as I imagine they would be glass splinters after the post office did its stuff !


  1. They are beautiful Joan. I presume from what you are saying they are real glass whereas the ones I have used are made of acrylic. At the moment the only suggestion I can make is they would look wonderful (and safe) on an altered mirror. Am sure other bloggers will have other ideas to help you. Hugs Annette x

  2. I think they look great Joan, they would look super on a card, maybe a hand delivered one. The tip I used was from an old tutorial of Sir Tim's, for alcohol inks. Put a few drops on a tile or piece of plastic. Let it dry out . Dip paint brush in blending solution then dip it in the paint to get the amount of colour you want. xx

  3. absolutely stunning work on this. i love this kind of colour
    Also i wanted to let you know there is a freebie on my dezinaworld blog today. its just for one day.
    have a wonderful week
    hugs June


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