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Monday, 20 February 2012

belated postcard challenge

I have not felt up to doing much creative since I had this cough/virus, its really knocked me for six and I still feel like I'm wading through treacle ! every time I think its getting better it wacks back again and as I already have breathing problems (emphesema, which I normally cope with quite well)  it does get me down . Anyhow last night I thought I would try and play catch up on the postcard challenge and although I'm too late to link this I thought I would try and keep the story going. Although I am not being specific about dates my story is set somewhere in between the two World Wars . When I saw the theme was Belgium I could not get the Flanders fields theme out of my head. We have visited Belgium and I was incredibly moved by the Menin gate memorial and the church in Ypres, so many lives lost.  I have hinted in my story that Edward was there during the war.  The background of my postcard was a satellite map of Belgium that I found on the internet as are most of the other bits. The poppies are a Penny Black stamp


  1. Take care of yourself Joan and hope this nasty virus leaves you soon, x

  2. oh Joan - i sympathise - i think i have the same virus.. it has really knocked me off my feet , so i can imagine how you feel.
    LOve your postcard
    Take care
    Lisa x

  3. Look after yourself Joan, hope you fell a bit better soon.
    I think your postcard is fabulous, loved the continuing story.
    Yvonne x

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