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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

whats on my work desk ?

One of the reasons I don't get as much done as I should ! its quite difficult with this little tyke hanging on the end of my pencil/paintbrush etc or running away with anything not fastened down. Don't actually have a work desk, use the dining room table which is a pain as everything has to be put away. My burst of creativity last weekend didn't last long, can't get rid of this awful cough, feel like I have gone three rounds with a heavyweight boxer, my ribs and back hurt so much and not getting much sleep either, shouldn't be moaning, lots of people worse off than me !


  1. oh lol... i have a little helper just like that !
    Hope you feel a lot better soon.. my chest is the same .. seems to linger
    Lisa x

  2. Now if you inked your little treasures paws it would make a fantastic designer background paper.
    Take care of yourself, hope you feel better soon.
    Yvonne x


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