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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Third Post !

No pictures on this one, I just wanted to welcome my new followers to my blog, so happy to have you and I  hope you enjoy what you find on here.

While I'm on here, can anyone recommend a really good white pen? I have two and neither of them seem to want to work on painted/inky surfaces, I keep seeing people outlining leaves etc in white and love how it looks.


  1. Ihave 2 I like. Signo uni ball broad. It is pigment ink and quite wet. Works very well. I also have a Sakura Jelly Roll white pen I like to use. I use both, but I think the first is my favorite. Good luck.

  2. Hello Joan
    I concur with Linda, either of these are very good.

  3. I like my white posca Joan, I have quite a broad one, and a narrow tip which is my favourite x

  4. I use a Begreen Pilot CHOOSE 07 pen which I love and highly recommend:)
    *Hugs, Inger*


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