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Monday, 19 September 2011

Digital steampunk

Now don't laugh but I'm so chuffed with myself I had to put this on here ! A while ago I tried to do a digital picture in word and then found I couldn't upload it as its the wrong format, well tonight I just found I can do it in publisher and save as a jpeg image and it works, wooooh !  Yes this is probably pathetic to all you people who do such fabulous digital work but I'm just over excited about it all .Now I just need to find lots more digital images to play with and do something a bit better.


  1. you are a clever girl and its fab too.
    Hows the babys doing. See you 2 morrow

    Babs x

  2. Brilliant and thanks for the tip. x

  3. Hi Joan, this is great. I've never tried anything like this with digital images so I'm really impressed.
    Avril xx


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