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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

what to do ?

Oh dear I've had a dis arrrster darlings and broken my cuttlebug !  OH took it to bits this afternoon and I've actually smashed a metal piece in half, thats what you get with over shimming !! Its been an amazing piece of kit, my sister bought it for me in the very early days of cuttlebugs and its really had some hammer over the years. Now my real dilemma is :- do I buy another bug which was my first thought or should it be a Big shot ?  I've seen Big shots for sale cheaper or as cheap as the bug but I've never used a Big Shot, do they do everything a cuttlebug does ?  I almost went for a Grand Caliber but saw somewhere that you cannot use Sizzex dies with them, as I have quite a lot of them that rules the Caliber out, any helpful comments gratefully received !


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  2. Go for a Big Shot. I changed from a bug to one and no regrets. I've used it for everything my bug did. It takes up more storage space but I find it a lot easier to use. Hope this helps. x

  3. I am lucky enough to have both (won the big shot last year) both work equally well, big shot just takes up more space if that is relevant.


  4. My deepest sympathies, I too have a 'bug and I love it. Can't bear to think of anything happening to it. of course there is also the choice of the Grand Calibur, but it all depends on what you need. A lot of my friends have the big Shot and swear by it. Good hunting. Caz

  5. Oh Dear!!!!Well let me tell you a story!!! I had a cuttlebug, I sold it and bought a Vagabond.....this blew-up as the Chinese manufacturer did not allow for our wattage in NZ. I received another a month later.... this stopped completely after one week!!!! I was offered another, guess what I said, "stick your Vagabond"! I will have the e-bosser, I am still waiting for this machine to arrive in the country, did I say it has been 9months since the blown-up incident!!!!
    Anyway, in the meantime while I am waiting ever so patiently, they gave me a Big-shot on loan to use.
    And honestly Joan, I love it, and if I did not feel that the electric machine will serve me for the future, I would buy a Big Shot.
    So to cut this story short.
    My recommendation is the Big Shot.

  6. Oh Joan, I would be lost with out my cutting machine. I have a Big Shot, and if it should ever give up on me, it would be replaced straight away. Its sturdy and cuts through so many different materials with ease. It does take up more bench space, but its never put away thats how much I love to use it. hope this helps
    Yvonne x

  7. I would say go for the Big Shot Joan. I have a Bug and it takes everything I throw at it, but groans a little. I have also used the Big Shot and that does it all easily.
    The GC is fab but wouldn't take your bigz dies, and the Vagabond is great but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. My first just stopped working after about 3 weeks, and I just feel that I'm just waiting for it's replacement to break down. Good luck with your decision x

  8. Hi Joan, So call it nosey or what I'm curious to know what did you decide to do? Caz

  9. Love my Big Shot and if needed to be replaced, I would buy another with no hesitation! Love your work Joan!! Gorgeous!


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