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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Cool ! I'm a winner

No picture to post today as yet, I've had a lovely day with my friend Babs both  making a mini canvas ( with Crafty Individuals Stamps)  not showing it as its a little gift for someone, then I logged on to my blog and was over the moon to see I had been chosen as one of five winners on the first Craft Individuals challenge ! Now I just have to choose a stamp as my prize, think I already know what I want as I always have a list of their stamps on my latest wish list !  Tonight I am going to a group I belong to here in the village, about 40/50 women of all ages who get together once a month for friendship and fun and to raise money for charity (this year its Alzeimers) tonight its a music quiz and then The Nippy Chippy van is arriving with fish'n'chips for us all , don't know how they manage to cook them for so many people so quickly but they are always piping hot and lovely !


  1. Have you stopped smiling yet, you were so excited when you saw your name as a winner well done...

    Babs x

  2. Congratulations on you win.
    Sandra x

  3. Oh well done Joan. Congratulations.
    Debbie x

  4. Oh wow Joan huge congratulations. Have a great night out. Annette x

  5. Congratulations Joan, your card was fabulous. Yvonne xx

  6. Congratulations well deserved. XOXO Zoe


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